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  • ancnoc-18

    anCnoc 18 years Whiskey, matured in Spanish oak ex-sherry casks and American oak ex-bourbon barrels. Full-bodied and bold, aromatic spices, fruit loaf and candied lemon are followed by a surge of vanilla, honey and caramel. The finish transforms from peppery and hot to deliciously sweet and smooth.

    110,46 €
  • ancnoc-12

    anCnoc 12 years Whiskey, a must-have in any whisky drinker’s collection, it’s light and yet complex. Sweet to start with an appetising fruitiness and a long smooth finish. Light yet complex, smooth yet challenging. 

    33,40 €
  • jameson-black

    Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey, an irish whisky produced by select double charred barrels that gives a whiskey with even richer flavor and intense smoothness. Nutty notes are in abundance alongside the smooth sweetness of spice and vanilla. Finish with toasted wood and vanilla.

    28,99 €
  • jameson-gold

    Jameson Gold Reserve Whiskey, an irish whiskey with triple distilled blend of rich pot still and grain whiskeys. Gold Reserve is matured in a combination of the finest Grade A casks that have been hand picked by Master Blender, Billy Leighton. complex and rewarding taste with a pleasant peppery finish.

    66,49 €
  • jameson-crested

    Jameson Crested Ten Whiskey, an irish whisky with Delicate sherry undertones & toasted wood, with fruit, spice & chocolate notes. Warm lingering sherry finish.

    30,31 €
  • jameson-round

    Jameson Round Whisky, an irish whisky that pertains at Deconstructed Series. Everything in prefect harmony. Sweet vanilla fuses with soft ripe fruit and, together, combine with the rich pot still spices. All this on a firm foundation of toasted oak. Exceptionally long finish, as the richness fades to leave the last word with the wood.

    43,25 €
  • jameson-lively

    Jameson Lively Whisky, an irish whisky that pertains at Deconstructed Series. A soft sweet mouth-feel with hints of confectionary, perfume bon-bons along with a Turkish Delight. Drying hints of citrus balance the sweetness while a little chilli oil brings the prickle of spices. Pleasantly long finish as the confectionary sweetness and spices combined...

    43,25 €
  • jameson-bold

    Jameson Bold Whisky, an irish whisky that pertains at Deconstructed Series. Initially sweet and creamy, with an abundance of stove fruits. The pot still spices develop to bring a perfect balance of rich barley notes and mellow baked apples. Lingering spices fade leaving a soft barley finale.

    43,25 €
  • ron-barcelo-imperial-onyx

    Barceló Onyx Rum. A Dominican rum aged between 8 and 10 years in white oak barrels. It's a rum that is left to rest on a bed of semiprecious stones. Robust body with toasted aromas, coffee, nuts and cherry with touches of wood and vanilla. Long, intense and persistent finish

    42,90 €
  • daniels-sinatra

    Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select Whisky pays tribute to Jack’s biggest fan: Frank Sinatra. Made with our unique “Sinatra Barrels” that have deep grooves specially carved into their staves to expose the whiskey to extra layers of toasted oak. This added exposure imparts a rich amber color, bold character, and pleasant smokiness, punctuated by an incredibly...

    138,35 €
  • daniels-fire

    Jack Daniel’s Fire Whisky blends red-hot cinnamon liqueur with the smooth character of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 for a classic spirit with a fiery finish. Intense cinnamon notes with a soft beginning.

    27,50 €
  • gin-bosfords

    Gin Bosford's Rosé wonderfully balanced with juniper,  coriander, angelica, lemon peel and orange peel and made with natural strawberry and raspberry flavors. The new gluten-free premium Rose edition is first distilled using all the botanicals of BOSFORD London Dry Gin original recipe.Made from 100% natural ingredients.

    11,90 €
  • tonica-fever-tree-light

    Fever Tree Light tonic water contains 58% less calories and is completely natural. It combines perfectly with any gin. It combines fructose and natural quinine with citrus fruits, aromatic botanicals and spring water.

    1,22 €
  • proof-13

    Gin Liquor Proof No. 13 characterized by its low alcohol volume 30%. It is made from the distillation of red fruits with 11 botanists and is completely natural, without sugars or additives. It combines perfectly with any neutral tonic water.

    16,35 €
  • tanqueray-sevilla

    Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin made from oranges from Seville and 4 more botanists, is a gin that pay tribute to the city of Seville by defining her color. Color that has been identified by innovative technological methods that have identified the predominant color ranges of the main points of the city

    20,80 €
  • bols-cherry

    Bols Cherry Brrandy, is a deep cherry-red liqueur using fresh cherries from Eastern Europe, where cherry brandy has long been a tradition. The cherry’s stone, its kernel, is crushed, giving Bols Cherry Brandy a faint amaretto flavor. Extracts of various selected herbs and spices produce a well-balance

    11,79 €
  • tonica-london-grap

    The London Essence Classic Tonic Water, The notes within this truly aromatic tonic are created by capturing the fresh zing from cold pressed grapefruit oils. An ultra-fresh combination of tangy grapefruit notes, a delicate rosemary note and a sharp citrus and light yet bitter quinine finish.

    1,65 €
  • tonica-london-cla

    The London Essence Classic Tonic Water, By steeping juniper berries for up to a week prior to distillation, this method allows us to capture the full range of the juniper aromatics into an essence. A combination of fresh, sharp and citrus notes. Zesty lemon and lime peel combined with fresh pine, thyme and a juniper finish.

    1,65 €
  • tonica-phi

    Phi tonic water, a new tonic that is characterized by being the tonic with less calories in the market. A very balanced and subtle tonic ideal to combine with all kinds of distillates, mainly gin and vodka.

    1,12 €
  • gin-nikka-coffey

    Nikka Coffey Gin produced by Nikka Whisky. All of the base distillate comes through the "Coffey Still", giving this gin a silky texture and rich body. Its aromatic complexity relies on the delicate balance of various botanicals including Japanese citrus such as Yuzu, Kabosu and Amanatsu. There is also a touch of apples, followed by pleasantly tangy hints...

    42,95 €
  • vodka-eristoff

    Eristoff Vodka, a classic made in Georgia and whose recipe remains secret. It is a triple distillation vodka filtered with charcoal to ensure an optimum degree of purity.

    7,50 €
  • gin-nut-apple

    Gin Nut Green Apple is a premium London Dry gin infused with autochthonous green apples to give a sweet and bitter touch with a pretty gold colour.

    25,50 €
  • gin-nut-clitoria

    Gin Nut Clitoria is a premium London Dry gin infused with Clitoria flower to give a sweet and floral flavour with slightly bitter touch and a magical blue colour that turns purple when it comes into contact with tonic water. Clitoria flower has been commonly used in Asia to make infusions and add colour to foods.

    25,50 €
  • fernando-castilla-gran

    Fernando de Castilla Solera Gran Reserva Brandy Made using the traditional method of soleras, it is a brandy aged 15 years that has a bright golden color and toasted aromas of oak. Soft and balanced palate with a persistent finish.

    41,78 €


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