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  • tonica-1724

    The essence of 1724 Tonic Water has its origins in the Andes, on the mythical Inca Trail. This is not by chance. This is where quinine was discovered. There, this ingredient gains the authenticity of a product with roots in the region that go back hundreds of years. At 1724 metres above sea level. Not a metre above or below.

    1,44 €
  • tonica-nordic-mist-blue

    The Nordic Mist Blue Tonic Water is the bet of Coca-Cola for the tonic Premium, featuring a striking blue dye and a touch sweeter and drier than her sister Nordic Mist. It's a premium tonic in which we will notice the taste of grapefruit.

    1,09 €
  • tonica-fever-tree-mediterranean

    Fever Tree mediterranean tonic water. Using the most authentic strain of quinine and the finest lemon oils from Sicily as well as thyme, geranium, rosemary and mandarin, have created a delicious new taste experience.

    1,22 €
  • tonica-fever-tree

    Fever Tree Indian tonic water. By blending fabulous botanical oils with spring water and the highest quality quinine from the fever tree, have created a delicious, natural tonic with a uniquely clean and refreshing taste and aroma.

    1,15 €
  • tonica-indi

    Indi & Co Tonic Water. A totally natural drink made from lemons harvest in the Guadalquivir Valley, Sevillian lemon peel, Persian lime peel (known as Kalamansi lime), Japonese yuzu, Sevillian lemon blossom, quinine bark, white and cane sugar.

    1,39 €
  • tonica-san-pellegrino

    San Pellegrino tonic water is the tonic water of the prestigious italian brand San Pellegrino. It's made in the style "Old Indian Tonic" that does highlight the botanists of gins. It's a bitter tonic and a stylish and very fresh citrus notes leading to herbal touches and mellow background. It's an excellent tonic with a very reasonable price.

    1,05 €
  • tonica-original-pink

    Original Pink Tonic Water. Pale pink colour and neutral odor. Premium small bubble tonic water, slightly more carbonated than Original Classic. More balanced relationship between bitterness and sweetness, keep a soft entry and getting taste with its red fruit aftertaste. Emphasize its citrus notes perfectly integrated.

    1,29 €
  • tonica-fentimans

    Fentimans Tonic Water. The world’s first botanically brewed tonic water is made with a blend of herbal infusions and lemongrass extract which results in a unique, refreshing and distinctive citrus flavour.

    1,39 €
  • royal-bliss-berry

    Royal Bliss Bohemian Berry tonic water, is a surprisingly aromatic premium tonic and ideal for mixing with strong alcohols. Sweet and acid taste at the same time with well defined mats.

    1,39 €
  • tonica-macario

    Macario Tonic Water is distinguished by its strong but gentle taste with a herbal notes, the result of a recipe based on a highly refined blend of natural flavors. It's a fine bubble tonic with notes of citrus and slightly sweet.

    1,12 €
  • tonica-original-blue

    Original Blue tonic Water. Bright blue and neutral odor, keeps the main characteristic of other premium The Original Tonic. Marked fresh notes of lime and sour lemon at the beginning getting taste that the bitterness of quinine, integrated with notes of grapefruit and bitter orange.

    1,29 €
  • ginebra-martin-miller's

    Martin Miller's Gin is small batch, pot-distilled in England and then transported to Iceland to be blended with Icelandic spring water, whose purity and softness makes it one of the cleanest tasting and smoothest gins available.

    21,90 €
  • tonirca-nordic-mist

    Nordic Mist tonic water is a carbonated water drawn from a purification process and osmosis. For this reason, it is a fairly neutral tone and combinable with any botanical gin if alter this.

    0,99 €
  • tonica-thomas-henry

    Thomas Henry Tonic Water is always refreshing and pleasant in taste. The typical Thomas Henry "Bitterness" is crucial for that extra freshness. Thomas Henry Tonic Water tastes intense and mature, the determining element is the extract of the cinchona bark quinine, which gives Thomas Henry Tonic Water its individual character.

    1,19 € 1,40 € -0,21 €
  • tonica-schweppes-mini

    Schweppes Original Heritage 12cl, Created to make half gin&tonic, have generous fine bubbles and citrus aromas accompanied Schweppes, and a touch of lime, better marida ingredient juniper (gin aromatic pattern). 100% natural ingredients. Perfect to combine with all kinds of premium gins and vodkas.

    1,49 €
  • tonica-original-cherry

    The Original Cherry tonic water, is a very particular tonic (as characterizes all of range) for its cherry red colour and taste. With a fine and persistent bubbles and aromatically intense, leaves at first, a subtle trace of quinine which gives way to the fragrance of red sugar gums.

    1,29 €
  • nordes-gin

    Nordes Gin, is a Gin outside the boundaries of the traditional, unique character, rebellious, Atlantic. A slow and quiet distillation of the Albariña grape, blended with traditional Galician wild aromatic botanics.

    20,30 € 21,50 € -1,20 €
  • tonica-blue-tonic-kas

    En plena moda del gin tonic, Kas ha introducido en el mercado su tónica Blue tonic. Se trata de una tónica que combina a la perfección con ginebra, ya que está diseñada principalmente para ser consumida mezclada con un licor seco como la ginebra.

    0,83 €
  • ledgers-mandarina

    Ledger's Tangerine, a premium tonic water with a fresh and unmistakable taste of tangerine with a citric touch, it blends in with a lot of spirits, be they fruity or dry. Perfect to enjoy any time of the day.

    1,39 €
  • tonica-le-tribute

    Le Tribute Tonic Water, a premium tonic that seeks to break with the image of premium tonic water. Presented in a fluted bottle of opaque glass that remembers the old bottles of apothecary and protects the product from the sunlight.

    1,75 €
  • fentimans-rose

    Fentimans Rose Lemonade, a different and unique tonic made ​​with lemon juice and oil roses from Bulgaria. With a characteristic pink color, it's a very refreshing and ideal to combine with vodka or gin. Is produced from the early twentieth century and the combination with gin is a great alternative to the classic gin and tonic

    1,45 €
  • tonica-original-mint

    Original Mint Tonic Water. Mint green, subtly aromatic. Small bubble, like the others The Original Tonic premium tonic waters. With a strong minty presence entry that confers unusual freshness, linked with the bitter citrus notes of grapefruit, does achive a combination of flavors. Its long minty aftertaste fill of a endy freshness.

    1,29 €
  • tonica-ledgers

    Ledger's, an unique tonic water, perfect to enjoy on its own or to mix with your favorite spirit enhancing the aromas and tastes thanks to the Stevia.

    1,37 €
  • tonica-fever-tree-elderflower

    Fever Tree Elderflower tonic water. Offering a light and subtle character, the delicate and sweet flavour of elderflower is perfectly balanced by the soft bitterness of the quinine. Providing a summery twist to the classic gin and tonic, the refreshing floral flavour works equally well as a sophisticated soft drink.

    1,22 €


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