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  • ginebra-hendricks

    Hendrick's Gin. Made with a free and imaginative spirit, it's made with hints of coriander, juniper, citrus peel - and a curious but marvellous infusion of rose petal and cucumber.

    27,93 € 29,18 € -1,25 €
  • bombay-laverstoke

    Bombay Sapphire Laverstoke Mill,. To celebrate the opening of their new Laverstoke Mill distillery, Bombay Sapphire has release a limited edition decanter. The decanter has been decorated with illustrations by award-winning British illustrator Si Scott

    139,95 €
  • ginebra-the-botanicals-gin

    The Botanical's gin, which is made at Langley Distillery and contains 14 botanicals. It is bottled at 42.5% ABV. The gin is very fruity, with sweet orange, vanilla and a touch of anise. Very smooth and quite unusual, but rather nice.

    30,45 €
  • herno-gin

    Hernö Organic Artisan Dry Gin, a swedish ecological excellent gin. Really flavourful and very tasty: fresh, crisp, sappy pine and plenty of coriander, as well as some lighter herbal and floral notes. Simply superb.

    37,40 €
  • nura-gin

    Nura Menorca Dry Gin is a premium Spanish gin distilled in Barcelona, ​​created and inspired by the island of Menorca. Made with premium quality botanicals is softness, balance and give us a touches of citrus provided by cilantro, lemon and orange.

    35,40 €
  • ginebra-citadelle

    Citadelle Gin has a delicate and fragrant nose of fresh flowers, jasmine, honeysuckle and cinnamon. After a few moments, stronger, more herbaceous aromas of anise, grains of paradise and cinnamon develop in a most remarkable way.

    27,47 €
  • ransom-old-tom

    Ransom Old Tom Gin is the Gin for mixing classic cocktails dating from the days before prohibition. Its subtle maltiness is the result of using a base wort of malted barley, combined with an infusion of botanicals in high proof corn spirits. The final distillation is run through an alambic pot still in order to preserve the maximum amount of aromatics,...

    38,65 €
  • ginebra-ginraw

    Gin Castle, a Swiss gin made in traditional stills by juniper and a selection of herbs and spices kept secret by the Elfingen distillery. Its flavor has hints of juniper and herbal notes and follows roses and juniper aromas.

    39,33 €
  • ginebra-gold-999-9

    The botanists of Gin Gold 999.9 make it very special: tangerine, almonds, ginger, violet, coriander, angelica root, cinnamon, gentian, poppy, its base, juniper, appears as first aroma on the nose, giving way to tangerine to end with an explosion of floral notes. In the mouth, acid taste leads to an almond finish with subtle notes of vanilla.

    31,98 €
  • ginebra-bloom

    BLOOM is a delicate floral London Dry Gin, inspired by the natural flora of an English country garden. Chamomile, pomelo and honeysuckle were chosen as the three key botanicals – each one helping in its own unique way to create a more delicate and subtle gin drinking experience.

    26,64 €
  • gin-williams-chase-gb

    Williams Chase Great British Gin is made with a distilled spirit of Chase Distillery, that is grown, fermented, distilled and bottled on our family farm deep in middle England. On the nose, dry juniper with zesty citrus and then some warm, spicy notes. Juniper, dark chocolate and citrus zest upfront on the palate, followed by warm, spicy notes of...

    24,84 €
  • ginebra-williams-chase

    It is a relatively unknown fact that gin is made from vodka. So, unlike other gins, Williams Chase gin is truly single estate from field to bottle. The result is our full bodied, sharp, yet fruity gin with tears and true provenance.

    35,70 € 37,70 € -2,00 €
  • gin-elephant

    Elephant Gin is distilled using fourteen botanicals, including rare African ingredients sourced from the length and breadth of the continent to create the gin's distinctive flavour profile. These include the savannah's "superfruit" Baobab, the extraordinary Buchu plant with a flavour similar to blackcurrant, and the African Wormwood introducing a sharp...

    30,75 €
  • voortrekker-gin

    Voortrekker is a premium gin characterized by the softness of his spirit and his final flavor with hints of orange. It's an excellent gin with an orange color, and it's made ​​from 8 botanicals: juniper, oranges from South Africa, licorice, vanilla, coriander, angelica root, lemon peel and ginger.

    24,45 €
  • ginebra-ginbraltar

    Ginbraltar Spanish Citrus Gin, is a Spanish gin made ​​through 4 distillation and 12 botanicals and is characterized by his distinctive flavor and scent with notes of eucalyptus. Gin is a limited edition with a refreshing citrus aromas and flavours provided by bergamota and other citrics 

    21,10 €
  • ginebra-ginbraltar

    Ginbraltar Spanish Dry Gin, is a Spanish gin made ​​through 4 distillation and 11 botanicals and is characterized by his distinctive flavor and scent with notes of eucalyptus. Gin is a limited edition with a refreshing citrus and spice aromas that lead to a classic flavor of juniper and angelica root and characteristic touch of eucalyptus.

    21,10 €
  • ginebra-berkeley-square

    Berkeley Square gin is a timeless classic, a London Dry Gin distilled in small batches in still no 8. Berkeley Square is crafted in a unique way through ‘Bouquet Garni’ distillation where the key botanicals are wrapped in muslin and steeped in the triple distilled spirit to infuse their essential oils.

    41,18 €
  • six-ravens

    Six Ravens Gin is exclusively obtained from distilling selected botanicals, such as juniper berries, coriander, lemon peel and fresh ginger. For the final product no added sweetening, nor colorants, nor any other ingredients (other than water) are added to the distillate.

    31,10 €
  • ginebra-whitley-neill

    Whitley Neill is an exceptional London Dry Gin made in England. Inspired by Africa, it contains two African botanicals specially selected to create a vibrant Gin with bold warm flavours perfect for bringing cocktails to life. Distilled from 100% grain spirit and only the purest water.

    23,95 €
  • ginebra-mayfair

    Mayfair, is a premium gin produced at one of the few distilleries in London by a Master Distiller whose family business is still thriving after 300 years. They use small batch stills to guarantee the highest quality and produce it in the Traditional London Dry Gin.

    20,95 €
  • tanqueray-old-tom

    Tanqueray Old Tom Gin is a sweetened gin inspired by a 1835 recipe created by Master Distiller Charles Tanqueray. Slightly sweet flavor with a soft entry on the palate. Eucalyptus and juniper notes with earthy touches of white pepper and clove with a wonderful touch of tropical fruit. Final long, dry, herbal, juniper and coriander. Limited edition

    40,35 €
  • gin-sears

    An alcohol content of 44% gives Gin SEARS its deep flavour and brings its essential oils completely to fruition. Soft, fresh floral notes of bergamot unfold themselves into a strong juniper, surprising the senses. The floral nose reveals itself in a soft, slightly sweet first contact with the palate and then develops into a strong finish of coriander and...

    21,99 €
  • ginebra-port-dragons

    Port of Dragons Pure Gin is created for the most classic and traditional and PURE following the production of the eighteenth century Gins. Through four artisanal distillations in copper stills, we get an elegant style with traditional touches alchemist, in addition to sophisticated and intense aromas and flavors JUNIPER, LICORICE, ANISE and PINE.

    29,21 €
  • ginebra-botanic-premium

    Botanic premium Gin, is a light, dry gin, prominent in botanicals with juniper and almond shells at the fore, with light citrus notes of Buddha’s hand, bergamot and sweet orange.

    23,23 €

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