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  • gin-sea

    Gin Sea, is a London Dry Gin from north of Spain with an english grain alcohol. This gin is triple distilled and its made with botanicals like juniper, cardamom, cloves, coriander and bitter orange.

    15,03 €
  • gin-mom

    Mom Gin, a gin with an unique softness flavor with notes of red fruits and a sophisticated finish. After four distillations is infused with red berries and other exotic ingredients for a slightly sweet and very pleasant product.

    22,50 €
  • ginebra-ginraw

    Ginraw gastronomic gin, made through a combination of traditional systems and the latest culinary techniques. It's produced with botanicals like cedar, kaffir lime leaf, lemon, bay leaf, black cardamom and coriander seeds, providing a delicate result with low alcoholic sensation and savory and smoky flavors with citrus, floral and herbal aromas.

    36,50 €
  • ginebra-uppercut

    Uppercut Dry Gin, a powerful gin with 14 botanicals: juniper, damiana, strawberry leaf, nettle, licorice root and many other herbs. It is a spicy nose and powerful gin. The first taste is smooth, but then falls to the palate with full force. Atypical and creamy herbs flavour with hints of orange. Simply delicious.

    43,53 €
  • ginebra-hanami

    Hanami Gin. Based on the original and centuries old Dutch dry gin recipe, HANAMI gin is infused with the true essence of distinctive cherry blossom and herbs. These botanicals are brought together in our own closely guarded recipe but rest assured all are carefully selected and tested for utmost purity and quality.

    30,40 €
  • rives-pink

    Rives Pink is a Spanish London Dry Gin made with the best strawberries from Huelva. It's a triple distilled artesanal gin with infused strawberries to give a very cool and pleasant sweet strawberry flavor. This distillate with pink colour is bottled with an alcohol content of 37.5%.

    13,91 €
  • ginebra-saffron-gin

    Saffron Gin is a unique recipe discovered in the archives of France's colonial past when England and France both claimed India as their jewel, and Gins rich in exotic botanicals were fashionable.

    19,90 € 20,90 € -1,00 €
  • ginebra-langton-s

    Langtons of Skiddaw No. 1 Lakeland Gin, tries to capture the taste and aroma of the Lake District in Cumbria from which it is inspired by. 11 botanicals are used with some more unusual distinctive additions that need to be highlighted; for example the use of oak bark which is collected from 100 year-old oak trees.

    37,81 €
  • ginebra-magellan

    Magellan Gin's scintillating aroma and refreshingly smooth and balanced character are unmatched in the world. Light floral tones and brilliant natural blue hue make this, the premier Gin to enjoy in any classic cocktail.

    24,82 € 27,82 € -3,00 €
  • ginebra-jinzu

    Jinzu gin, a premium distilled characterized as a hybrid between gin and sake. Her flavor contains delicate notes of yuzu, lemon, sake with light touches of cherry blossom. It is the winner distillate of the last edition of the "Show Your Spirit Competition" by Diageo, created by the bartender Dee Davies

    30,73 €
  • citrum-gin

    Citrum Small Batch, is a French classic gin made with botanicals such as cinnamon, pink pepper and cardamom. In the process this gin is infused with citrus and oriental spices that give it an intense flavor with floral and spicy notes and a characteristic yellow color.

    21,40 €
  • gin-imagic

    Imagic Gin, made from grain alcohol distilled five times. This gin have the particularity of changing her colour from orange to violet in contact with the tonic water. The creator keeps secret the elements of this "magic" gin.

    24,49 €
  • gin-ginial

    Gin Ginial a low premium distilled alcohol content 25º defined as a sophisticated gin and very feminine. The flavour is fresh and floral provided by the flowers of hibiscus, elderberry and juniper base. It gives aromas of citrus fruits such grapefruit, lemon and orange with obvious floral notes.

    17,35 €
  • gin-wint-lila

    Wint & Lila London Dry Gin, a gin made ​​in Spain through a five times distillation process and 10 botanicals: juniper berries, coriander, angelica, angelica root, cinnamon, orange peel, lemon and lime peel, peppermint and orange blossom. Her name refers to one of the leading companies engaged in the maritime trade of the year 1646 in Cadiz (Juan de...

    15,75 €
  • macaronesian-gin

    Macaronesian Gin, is a Spanish gin whose peculiarity is the use of pure water from volcanic galleries. Macaronesian Gin is the first gin of the Canaries islands and her taste is fresh, balanced and very smooth. It is very nice gin tasting.

    27,57 €
  • martin-miller's-westbourne

    The Martin Miller's Westbourne Gin is a strength variant was developed in 2002 to 2003 in response to requests from barmen and mixologists requesting a higher proof version of his gin. Westbourne uses the same classic palette of botanicals as his 80 proof variant - Martin abhors the use of flashy or exotic ingredients in his gin, ("sheer marketing hype...

    37,12 €
  • ginebra-martin-miller's

    Martin Miller's Gin is small batch, pot-distilled in England and then transported to Iceland to be blended with Icelandic spring water, whose purity and softness makes it one of the cleanest tasting and smoothest gins available.

    21,90 €
  • ginebra-brockmans

    Brockmans gin is an intensely smooth gin that tastes great over ice. The flavour notes that make Brockmans so unique, are derived from an intriguing and unique bond of flavours.

    33,54 €
  • ginebra-ophir

    Opihr Gin is a premium gin with a different and rich in spices flavour. It's a gin for the most demanding palates, made with 10 botanicals like Tellicherry pepper, cardamom or coriander from Morocco. The flavor is intense, spicy with a citrus notes.

    19,50 €
  • west-winds-cutlass

    The West Winds Cutlass is bolstered by an increase in ABV to 50% to take its place amongst the new-world styles that continue to emerge. Handcrafted, small batch is the key to its delicacy. The introduction of Australian bush tomato pairs up with an increase in coriander seed to produce a headstrong but beautifully aromatic and very drinkable gin.

    43,10 €
  • west-winds-cutlass

    The West Winds Sabre weighs in at 40% ABV and presents a traditional British style gin led by an undercurrent of citrus with a dominance of juniper, followed by the classic coriander seed. The addition of wattle seed adds a depth to the mid palate and introduces a creamy texture without the need for artificial additions.

    31,09 €
  • ginebra-botanist

    The Botanist Gin is a small-batch and artisanal Islay gin. Use nine of the classic gin aromatics – orris root, cassia bark, coriander seed, etc – and augment these with a heady harvest of 22 local botanicals, hand-picked by our expert foraging team from the windswept hills, peat bogs and Atlantic shores of this Hebridean island of Islay.

    30,80 €
  • n-209-gin

    Vastly different from the juniper-heavy gins of the past, No. 209 opens with a beautifully aromatic nose of predominately citrus and floral notes with a hint of spiciness.

    33,95 €
  • ginebra-ginatge

    Ginatge London Dry gin, a gin made ​​in small batches and hand numbered. In the production Ginatge uses pure water from Llobregat Fountains and botanicals of the area as juniper, rosemary, wild mint, thyme, pine lichen, elderflower or rose hips. The result: an extremely soft and fresh gin with initial notes of juniper and light touches of citrus.

    29,50 €

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