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  • martini-gold

    The creativity of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and the experience of the artisans of Martini have created Martini Gold by Dolce&Gabbana. It's a Martini with an aromatic flavours and notes of spices with a Mediterranean charachter. It's a disctinctive and exotic Martini with fragances of lemon, mystical incense, ginger and pepper spice.

    23,40 €
  • nordesia-blanco

    Nordesía White, a Galician vermouth produced by Nordés gin brand. It's produced from a traditional formula and handmade from Albariño wine and macerated with laurel and elderberries that give it a unique smoothness and taste wine.

    12,95 €
  • nordesia-tinto

    Nordesía Red, a Galician vermouth produced by Nordés gin brand. It's produced from a traditional formula and handmade, macerated with laurel and elderberries that give it a unique flavor and smoothness.

    12,95 €
  • cocchi-torino

    Unmistakably Cocchi in character, Vermouth di Torino is one of only two geographically protected AOC vermouths (the other being Chambery). This Storico Vermouth di Torino follows the regional tradition of using fine Moscato wine as its base, which is then infused with a secret recipe of local and exotic botanicals

    18,95 €
  • cocchi-americano

    Cocchi American Vermouth. To aromatise the white wine a secret blend of herbs and spices, to name a few, gentian,  cinchona and bitter orange peels, are added to the wine base which is then steeped over a period of time. In recent years Cocchi Americano has become a cult product in the circle of best sommelier and bartenders of the world. 

    16,70 €
  • quintinye-extra-dry

    Vermouth la Quintinye Extra Dry, Created with a magnificent bouquet of 27 plants and spices, a selection of white wines and Pineau des Charentes Blanc. Fresh and lively with floral and citrus notesthat evolve into a luscious finish provided by the Pineau.

    19,95 €
  • quintinye-blanco

    Vermouth la Quintinye Blanc, The subtle combination of 18 plants and the blend of white wines andPineau des Charentes Blanc. Elegant and smooth flavour with ripe yellow fruits and brioche aromas, which meld seamlessly with slowly developing bitterness and spice.

    19,95 €
  • quintinye-royal

    Vermouth la Quintinye Royal, Rich and intense with caramel, burnt vanilla and warm spiced notes, which evolve to a long-lasting finish. Made from a selection of 28 plants and spices and a blend of white wines and Pineau des Charentes Rouge, hence naturally providing the deep reddish to amber colour.

    19,95 €
  • olave-rojo

    Vermouth Olave Red, Made from traditional methods using more than 80 herbs in their production. Then let marinate two months to continue the process for three months in oak barrels.

    5,95 €
  • martini-royale

    Martini Royale Bianco is a perfectly mixed cocktail that is ready to serve in a cup from the bottle. It's an harmonious combination of Martini Bianco and Italian wine. A refreshing cocktail that is suitable for any occasion. An Italian character flavor with fruity aromas. Recommend serving with a mint leaf and a slice of lemon on ice rocks.

    9,42 €
  • olave-blanco

    Vermouth Olave White, Made from traditional methods is a very aromatic vermouth with aromas that give off a lot of personality. Yellow-green colour, contains some spicy flavors with intense bitter aftertaste notes.

    5,95 €
  • perucchi-blanco

    Vermouth Perucchi White, with a clear honey color is a vermouth with mild flavor and notes of white wine. Clear orange aromas and mountain herbs with hints of rusty white wine.

    9,80 €
  • perucchi-rojo

    Vermouth Perucchi Red Reserve, a vermouth with several awards and recognitions. Very methodical preparation from 50 ingredients. With delicious aromas and flavors, it is a vermouth who does not add preservatives or antioxidants and have a totally natural elaboration.

    9,80 €
  • dos-deus-vermut

    Vermouth Dos Deus, red amber colour, presents prominent bitter notes and little sugar. Designed for the more traditional appetizer and also to be used in the most sophisticated cocktails. Prepared in small hearths and aged in boots of the Cadiz area.

    13,80 €
  • vermouth-st-petroni

    St, Petroni Vermouth. A Galician red vermouth made from various botanicals and albariño grapes. Its flavor is complex and refreshing. It's tasty and balanced vermouth that gives off aromas of ripe fruit, hints of vanilla and spices with balsamic touches.

    15,64 €
  • vermut-bertsolari

    Bertsolari Vermouth. A sweet, bitter and aromatic flavor, provided by its 40 botanicals among which the artemisia or wormwood. A great vermouth to take alone or to use it in cocktails.

    10,58 €
  • mancino-vermouth

    Mancino Vecchio Vermouth. This extraordinary vermouth, has been resting in a single Italian Oak barrel for one year, making it the first aged, sweet vermouth. Its character has gained strengths of old wood, time and additional spice, thus, demanding a little more respect. It has developed a richer, nutty and fruitier nose, with essences of Cherry, Honey,...

    123,83 €
  • mancino-vermouth-bianco

    Mancino Bianco Ambranto Vermouth. Infused with 37 botanicals and natural spirit on Trebbiano di Romagna wine base.Slightly amber hue. Floral Alpine nose of Angelica, Chamomile, Elderflower, Genziana and Mint. Sweet Orange, Ginger, pink Grapefruit peal, finishing on Cardamom and liquorice with a very rich quinine presence

    25,45 €
  • mancino-vermouth-rosso

    Mancino Rosso Amaranto Vermouth. Infused with 38 botanicals, 10 of which are used for Amaro, and natural spirit on Trebbiano di Romagna wine base. Dark Imperial Amaranth red with a glint of caramel. A grand anatomy. Vanilla, Rhubarb, Juniper, toasted wood, Myrrh, Chiretta, Christmas spices (Cloves, Cinnamon bark, dried Orange). Remarkably balanced with a...

    25,45 €
  • mancino-vermouth-secco

    Mancino Secco Vermouth. Infused with 19 botanicals and natural spirit on Trebbiano di Romagna wine base. Clear, pale yellow with a hint of green. Full nose of Mediterranean herbs, Sage, Marjoram and Oregano, with delicate aromas of Lemon Grass, Dog Rose and Iris. Crisp white wine, Pimento and Nutmeg palate with a subtle bitter citrus finish. Breezy, clear...

    24,45 €
  • drapo-bianco

    Vermouth Drapò Bianco. It is a sweet vermouth, fresh, soft, delicate but strong in character,which exalts the perfect harmony of intense and enveloping flavors, making its taste rich and complex. Its unique aroma makes it ideal to serve neat, on the rocks or as an excellent ingredient used by barmen for the best cocktails

    17,45 €
  • drapo-rosso

    Vermouth Drapò Rosso. A fine, elegant vermouth, gently fruity and floral, whose scents exalt the ancient Piedmont tradition by soothing and enveloping the senses. A rich and intense drink that satisfies the most demanding palates thanks to the perfect combination of aroma, freshness and elegance. 

    17,45 €
  • muntaner-blanco

    Muntaner White Vermouth. It is a very balanced and rich vermouth. Intense yellow color presents notes of herbs and spices and a perfect balance between acidity and alcohol content.

    14,89 €
  • muntaner-negro

    Muntaner Rosso Vermouth. Aromatic and pleasant taste with notes of herbs, spices and prunes. Very balanced palate between acidity and alcohol content. Mahogany red color with orange flashes.

    14,89 €

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