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  • marca-negra-espadin

    Marca Negra espadín is a mezcal which is produced by a careful selection of high quality mezcals of different regions of Mexico. It's produced in San Luis Rio by traditional way, grinding in bakery, fermentation in wooden vats and double distillation in copper stills.

    74,87 €
  • mezcal-alacran

    Alacrán Mezcal is a very well balanced, white, and young mezcal produced by 100% agave Espadín. It is produced in Oaxaca through an artisan process, wood oven, milling bakery and distilled in copper stills. Herbal flavour and aromas with caramel notes and hints of flowers and minerals.

    39,90 €
  • gusano-rojo

    Gusano Rojo, is a mezcal made ​​from agave Espadín and whose name is the worm that breeds in the agave plant. This mezcal, perhaps, is the most consumed and most popular of the world.

    19,90 €
  • alipus-san-andres

    Alipús San Andrés is a white mezcal originally from Xitlapehua (Oaxaca) made ​​from agave Espadín. Its flavor is slightly salty with excellent citrus notes and hints of ripe fruit and almonds. It is a mezcal made ​​by artisans.

    38,95 €
  • alipus-san-balta

    Alipús San Baltazar is a white mezcal made ​​from agave Espadín by a double distillation in copper stills. It differs by aromas of acetone and green herbs with sweet fruit flavors with hints of coconut and delicate species.

    41,76 €
  • alipus-santa-ana

    Mezcal Alipús Santa Ana, are produced by natural fermentation using wild yeasts in oak barrels followed by a double distillation. The result is an earthy flavor mezcal with long finish with smoky and earthy notes and a little salt.

    65,90 €
  • ilegal-anejo

    Ilegal Mezcal Añejo is aged for thirteen months in medium-charred American oak, medium-charred French oak and used bourbon casks. The flavors open up to notes of figs, tobacco, and slight hints of caramel, which are layered over a chocolate, peppery finish.

    52,27 €
  • ilegal-reposado

    Ilegal Mezcal Reposado is aged for four months in 200-liter, medium-charred American oak casks. It has notes of smoky agave, along with a touch of green apple, mes+quite, and oak.

    38,22 €
  • real-minero-espadin

    Real Minero Espadín is a mezcal made by an artisan distillation in terracotta pots and is produced using 100% of Espadín agave. Currently is in the 4th generation and the flavor have a pleasant notes of pear.

    73,66 €
  • real-minero-tripon

    Real Minero Largo Tripon Barril is an amazing mezcal using Largo, Tripon and Barrel agave, and the most traditional Espadín agave. Distilled in clay pots have a smoked and clear fruit flavors. Still very creamy on the palate with notes of black tea

    123,50 €
  • marca-negra-tobala

    Marca Negra Tobalá is a mezcal which is produced by a careful selection of high quality mezcals of different regions of Mexico. It's produced in San Luis Rio by traditional way, grinding in bakery, fermentation in wooden vats and double distillation in copper stills.

    107,94 €
  • mezcal-danzantes-joven

    Mezcal Los Danzantes Joven, made with a special selection of Oaxaca Valley agave. Baked underground in a conical oven underground. Aromas of coodked agave with citrus and green herbs notes. Sweet smoky finish. Bottled immediately after distillation.

    46,43 €
  • mezcal-meteoro

    Mezcal Meteoro Joven, with 100% agave espadín. Handmade, strictly uses the traditional method of authentic Oaxacan mezcaleros. First it's cooked in conical earthen oven for over a week to be ground after with Chilean stone bakery. Then it's fermented in Sabine vats for more than 2 weeks to finally be subjected to double distillation.

    65,95 €
  • mezcal-danzantes-reposado

    Mezcal Los Danzantes reposado, aged in French white oak barrels in 66% and American white oak in 33% for 9 months. Combination of matured fruits and smoky aromas are confirmed on the palate with honey and caramel flavours that lead to a smooth but well-rounded, elegant and robust finish

    50,96 €
  • mezcal-danzantes-anejo

    Mezcal Los Danzantes Añejo, aged in French white oak barrels in 85% and American white oak in 15% for 16 months. Dark and elegant colour, it's a mezcal with well balanced and matured flavours with a long, sweet and mellow finish.

    69,85 €
  • mezcal-san-cosme

    Mezcal San Cosme, bright, clear and full-bodied. Produced in small batches in Oaxaca, it is made from 100% agave espadín and has a nice complex flavor with smoky and caramel sweetness notes. Aromas of caramel, wood and earth with a long, warm finish.

    38,95 €
  • mezcal-mexxico

    Mezcal Mexxico, Produced by double distillation process and 9 years of maduration. On the nose presents fresh and herbal scents, conjugated to acidic fruit flavors and light touches of comfit sweets, it contrasts with an astringency in the mouth that invades the throat with menthol herbal flavors balanced with deep smoky notes.

    36,95 €
  • mezcal-derrumbes-2

    Mezcal Derrumbes nº2 Michoacan, Distilled in a village in the State of Michoacan, from Americana and Cupreata varieties of agave, this mezcal from the range is the perfect, carefully-considered union between terroir, technique and variety. This blend brings together two classic styles of Mezcal, one bright and fruity, one complex and herbal

    46,95 €
  • mezcal-derrumbes-1

    Mezcal Derrumbes nº1 Oaxaca, Elegant, earthy and meaty, it nevertheless remains very well-balanced, giving the agave a stunning backdrop against which to express its notes of salt, pepper, citrus and fresh fruits. Made with a traditional method and double distilled.

    39,95 €
  • mezcal-machetazo

    Mezcal Machetazo, developed in the state of Guerrero, is a young mezcal with 100% handmade production. Fermented in wooden barrels and distilled in copper stills. Persistent and silky flavor with herbaceous and citrus notes of agave with an aftertaste of river stone. Long and fresh finish.

    38,69 €
  • mezcal-montelobos

    Mezcal Montelobos Joven, produced by a hand-crafted method in Santiago Matatlán Oaxaca, only uses certified organic maguey espadín. Very well balanced and complex with perfectly integrated flavors of agave and notes offermentation and smoked.

    37,09 €
  • mezcal-oro-oaxaca

    Mezcal Oro de Oaxaca, with warm and soft tones is a mezcal with predominance of the essence of agave. Although it is a young mezcal, its flavor is intense. Produced in Matatlán, in the central Oaxaca valleys.

    30,09 €
  • mezcal-sin-piedad-SP

    Mezcal Sin Piedad SP, produced in the region of Matatlán (Oaxaca) by Master mezcalero Celso Martinez with agave espadín and a natural fermentation in wooden vats. Flavor with strong artisan presence and soft notes but with a strong agave and smoky notes.

    37,38 €
  • mezcal-leyenda-durango

    Mezcal Leyenda Durango Murciélago, as its name suggests, is made in the state of Durango and comes from valleys with rich volcanic soil. In its production uses 100% agave duranguensis and is a full bodied mezcal with citrus and sweet touches.

    49,85 €

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