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  • glenfarclas-10

    Glenfarclas Highland Single Malt 10 years old, a scotch whisky characterized by his unique aromas and flavors. A delicately light colour, with a mouth-watering combination of maltiness, smokiness and sherry sweetness flavours. Hints of dried fruit, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves tempt the taste buds further.

    32,84 €
  • glenfarclas-15

    Glenfarclas Highland Single Malt 15 years old, a scotch whisky characterized by his unique aromas and flavors. Full bodied with super balance of sherried sweetness, malty tones and peaty flavours. With greater complexity than our younger whiskies, this is a great whisky drinker’s whisky.

    55,56 €
  • glenfarclas-21

    Glenfarclas Highland Single Malt 21 years old, a scotch whisky characterized by his unique aromas and flavors. Full bodied rich and rounded develops slowly into fruity, smoky and spicy flavours. An incredibly rounded whisky that leaves you refreshed and contented. A whisky that always deserves a second glass. My personal favourite.

    89,76 €
  • glenfarclas-25

    Glenfarclas Highland Single Malt 25 years old, a scotch whisky characterized by his unique aromas and flavors. Full-bodied and robust, the sherry and the oak fight for your attention yet neither is overpowering. A powerful nutty smokiness. A great after-dinner whisky so rich and full that it is a dessert in itself, with a finish that goes on forever.

    128,44 €
  • nikka-all-malt

    Nikka All Malt Whisky. A blended Japanese whisky from Nikka made with malt from Yoichi and a combination of malt and Coffey Still whisky from Miyagikyou. Rich and full aromas with hints of cinnamon and chocolate. A plush palate of dark chocolate cake, candied orange peel and sweet spice, enlivened by a mild peppery backnote.

    31,35 €
  • whisky-lagavulin-16

    Lagavulin 16 years single malt scotch whisky. A much sought-after single malt with the massive peat-smoke that's typical of southern Islay - but also offering a dryness that turns it into a truly interesting dram. Lagavulin is an intense, smoky-sweet single malt with seaweed flavours and a huge finish, aged in oak casks for at least sixteen years.

    50,95 €
  • whisky-jura-10

    Isle of Jura Origin is a 10 year old whiskey. Light and delicate with warm Honey finish. Sleeping for a decade in a placid satisfaction, this captivating spirits lingering tastes a warm, soft oak notes of honey and caramel and a light touch of liquorice and roasted coffee beans.

    28,31 €
  • whisky-jura-16-1L

    Isle of Jura 16 years whisky. Rich and full bodied, with hints of citrus and caramel. The black chocolate flavors combined with oranges and spices leave a sweet finish of caramel and honey. Awarded gold at the top of his class at the awards IWSC Awards 2010.

    43,89 €
  • whisky-jura-21

    Isle of Jura 21 years whisky. Rich and full bodied with a touch of vintage 1963 Oloroso sherry with a impeccable finish of soft marzipan, ground walnuts, fresh pears and sour orange peel. With whispers of succulent maraschino cherries, plums and soft liquorice complete this memorable masterpiece.

    89,95 €
  • whisky-knob-creek

    Knob Creek Bourbon Whisky is crafted in limited quantities, aged 9 years and placed in only the deepest charred American Oak barrels to fully draw out the natural sugars. Takes over your palate with big notes of oak, caramel and fruit.

    37,64 €
  • bruichladdich-10

    Bruichladdich 10 years Laddie Ten, this spirit, malted from only Scottish barley for authenticity, slow-fermented for purity, trickle-distilled for creamy texture and cask-filled at 70% for extra flavour, has been quietly slumbering in our loch-side warehouses for the last 10 years, and we are immensely proud to offer this landmark dram to you now.The...

    76,52 €
  • whisky-glenrothes-2001

    The Vintage Glenrothes 2001 Whisky is the next Core Vintage to follow the Vintage 1991 and 1994. It is the first of the vintages that we have bottled that was expressly laid down at origin to be bottled as Glenrothes on maturity and as such has a greater availability of stock than any of the previous bottlings.

    40,95 €
  • whisky-dalmore-18

    The Dalmore 18 years old whisky. Matured initially for 14 years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks, the whisky is then transferred to 30 year old Matusalem oloroso sherry wood for a further four years. The Dalmore 18 year old offers a provocative and intense taste experience with an enduring aftertaste of cinnamon and nutmeg.

    92,65 €
  • whisky-ballantines-12

    Ballantine's 12 years old Scotch Whisky is a rich, smooth and complex whisky, blended from specially selected single malt and grain whiskies. Soft and warm cream with a velvety smooth flavour, with a rich, sweet and elegant notes of vanilla.

    23,95 €
  • whisky-ballantines-21

    Ballantine's 21 years old Whisky. Rich, complex and a sweet with aromatic spice. Ballantine's 21 years have a sparkling gold colour, floral nose and aromatic palate give it a delightful complexity. This sophisticated blend is a whisky to savour on special occasions.

    92,95 €
  • whisky-ballantines-30

    Ballantine's 30 years old Scotch Whisky. RANKS AS ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST EXQUISITE BLENDS. With a deep gold colour, subtle sweet flavour on the nose and a complex palate of honey and vanilla, Ballantine’s 30 Year Old is an exceptional, rare and exclusive whisky.  

    253,95 €
  • whisky-chivas-25

    Chivas Regal 25 years old Scotch Whisky. Is a rare and exclusive blend of the finest Scotch whiskies, which have all been aged for a minimum of 25 years. Chivas Regal 25 Year Old is available only as a strictly limited release in individually numbered bottles.

    240,95 €
  • whisky-chivas-18

    Chivas Regal 18 years old Scotch Whisky. Is a uniquely rich and multi-layered blend that includes over twenty of Scotland’s rarest single malt Scotch whiskies. With 85 flavour notes in every drop, each sip is a new discovery.

    53,95 €
  • whisky-chivas-royal-21

    Chivas Royal Salute 21 years old Scotch Whisky. Is one of the finest blended Scotch Whiskys in the world. On the palate, you'll get nutty, buttery, and sweet flavors. The finish is long and satisfying. Very few whiskys in the world can come close to the experience you'll get with Royal Salute.

    108,95 €
  • whisky-ardberg-10

    Ardbeg Ten Years Old is revered around the world as the peatiest, smokiest, most complex single malt of them all. An explosion of crackling peat sets off millions of flavour explosions on the tongue: peat effervesces with tangy lemon and lime juice, black pepper pops with sizzling cinnamon-spiced toffee. This is followed by a wave of brine infused with...

    45,41 €
  • whisky-johnnie-walker-pt-18

    Inspired by this tradition, JOHNNIE WALKER PLATINUM LABEL is a supremely rich and full-flavoured 18 year old Scotch Whisky, created for those truly special moments. A contemporary and subtly smoky blend that embodies the characteristic full flavours of JOHNNIE WALKER Blended Scotch Whiskies and reflects a strong sweet and elegant Speyside style.

    67,95 €
  • whisky-ardbeg-corryveckan

    El whisky Ardberg Corryveckan, es un whisky deliciosamente profundo y poderosamente turbado. Su sabor es impactante, muy fuerte, que evoluciona del dulce hacia un perfil picante / salado. Su final es muy largo, continuamente cambia entre la turba, sal, pimienta y moca.

    81,95 €

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