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  • ron-kraken

    The Kraken Rum displays notes of coffee, caramel, toffee, and spice on both the nose and palate. Medium bodied and smooth with a spicy, lingering finish, this rum is great for mixed drinks, but can also be enjoyed neat.

    22,50 €
  • ron-pyrat-xo-reserva

    Pyrat XO Reserve rum is a complex yet mellow blend of select ultra-premium aged rums that are perfectly balanced to produce an exceptionally elegant, smooth and delicious medium body rum. The Pyrat XO handcrafted decanter is fashioned after relic rum bottles once hoarded and trated by pirates and ship captains of the 1800s.

    32,67 €
  • ron-pampero-aniversario

    Ron Pampero Aniversario Rum. Dark chestnut. Full bodied. Reminiscent of butterscotch, pipe tobacco, coffee, black walnut. Rich, creamy texture. So smooth and deep, one may be tempted to use a spoon. Has a buttery, thick feel with lovely, baked, layered flavors. A world class, slow sipping spirit.

    22,13 €
  • ron-plantation-3-stars

    Plantation 3 Stars Silver Rum is a skillful blend of the best the Caribbean has to offer from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. Keenly vibrant and well-balanced, Plantation 3 Stars displays the finesse and style of Trinidad and Barbados well integrated with the character and fuller flavors of Jamaica.

    15,00 €
  • ron-elements-8-platinum

    Elements 8 platinum rum is a versatile, super premium rum, ideal in classic cocktails, long drinks or over ice with a wedge of lemon or lime.The harmonious balance of the eight key elements renders this super premium platinum rum pure and flavourful

    32,35 €
  • ron-elements-8-gold

    Elements 8 gold rum is a sensuous, complex golden rum. Ideal in classic cocktails or straight over iceThe harmonious balance of the eight key elements renders this super premium rum exquisitely smooth and flavourful.

    36,05 €
  • ron-elements-8-infused

    Elements 8 Barrel Infused Spiced Rum is a complex combination of pot and column still distillation.  The blend of rums are married with the 10 spices and infused within the once used Bourbon barrels.  This process is akin to different barrel finishes seen in the whisky world where blends are finished in sherry, port and Madeira casks for example.

    30,94 €
  • ron-legendario-elixir-7

    Legendario Elixir de Cuba is a rum punch made from sweetened 7 year-old rum blended with raisin extracts and reduced with demineralised water for a soft, sweet flavour. Very popular in Spain. Legendario Elixir de Cuba features the irresistible sweet taste of Cuba which is achieved with the use of soaked raisins, syrup and demineralised water.

    17,95 €
  • ron-abuelo-anejo

    Ron Abuelo Añejo is a blend of selected aged rums, married to perfection by our Master Blender. Slowly distilled and patiently matured in small oak barrels, it is distinguished by its mellow, rich, and smooth flavor. Enjoy it straight, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixer.

    11,80 €
  • ron-zacapa-xo

    Zacapa XO rum, containing a blend of rums from 6 to 25 years old, with an extra ageing stage in French oak barrels that previously held cognac. A perfectly balanced combination of sweetness, spice, fruit and spirit, a connoisseur’s delight and the ultimate expression of the Master Blender’s art.

    86,94 €
  • ron-zacapa-23-anos

    Zacapa 23 years old rum, Containing a blend of rums from 6 to 23 years old. Wonderfully intricate with honeyed butterscotch, spiced oak and raisined fruit, showcasing the complexity of the sistema solera ageing process.

    46,06 €
  • flor-de-cana-7

    This mahogany hued, extra-smooth and full-bodied rum is best served on-the-rocks, with a splash of cola, soda or water. The Grand Reserve also makes a truly Grand Mojito. It comes highly recommended by F. Paul Pacult, of Kindred Spirits.

    14,26 €
  • ron-flor-cana-12-anos

    Flor de Caña 12 years old rum. This reddish amber rum is stately and elegant, semi-sweet. Stately and semisweet; nougat, almond butter, molasses and sherry abound. Finishes with a peppery spice, dark caramel, and charred oak fade.

    24,42 €
  • flor-de-cana-18

    This stunning amber rum is full-bodied, with a rich complexity of flavors and a smooth finish that stays with you, long after the swallow. The 18 year Centenario Gold is almost two decades in the making, and you can taste the craftsmanship and tradition in every drop.

    38,08 €
  • ron-abuelo-7-anos

    Abuelo 7 years rum is a rich blend of superb rums, aged for 7 years in carefully selected small oak barrels. Under the nurturing eye of our Master Blender, it develops a distinctly rounded and exceptional taste. Enjoy straight or on the rocks.

    20,50 €
  • ron-abuelo-12-anos

    Abuelo 12 years rum reflects the passion to craft the finest aged rum in the world. Under our tropical climate, sublime distillates from estate-grown sugar cane are aged to perfection in selected small oak barrels. The smoothness and complexity of this superb product will fulfill the most sophisticated and demanding palate.

    29,95 €
  • ron-bacardi-reserva-8

    Bacardi Reserve 8 years old rum. A very aromatic on the nose, offering up rich waves of cocoa bean, vanilla extract, molasses, dark caramel, and old oak. Generously sweet but gently blanketed to the taste buds.

    23,68 €
  • ron-barcelo-imperial

    Barceló Imperial Rum. A unique spirit and a high quality rum that is the result of strict and careful controls in each and every one of stages involved in the production process. Its alcohol is processed in one the most modern elaboration plants known in the area, and it originating from molasses from the best and finest sugarcane in the Caribbean.

    27,95 €
  • ron-brugal-1888

    Brugal 1888 Rum. A contemporary classic which re-defines the super Premium rum segment and represents in a different and attractive manner, the expertise of 5 generations of Masters Romeros of the Brugal family in the creation of the highest quality rums. Mild flavor with notes of caramel, toffee, wood and licorice, leave us a sweet and persistent.

    29,96 €
  • ron-appleton-estate-signature

    Appleton Estate Signature Blend rum, is the new name for Appleton's VX following its 2015 relaunch. A full-bodied premium aged rum that boasts a warm golden color, rich satisfying aroma and an exceptionally sophisticated flavor. Is a perfect blend of 15 select, varying styles of rums that have been aged in handcrafted oak barrels.

    18,65 €
  • ron-brugal-siglo-oro

    Brugal Siglo de Oro is distilled from the molasses rendered from sugracane grown exclusively in the Dominican Republic, and aged solely in white American oak, ex-bourbon barrels. Extremely Smooth.  A noble, copper patina color and hardened amber taunt you in Siglo de Oro’s bottle.

    110,96 €
  • ron-santa-teresa-1796

    Santa Teresa 1796 rum is an amber reddish color rum that has a fruity aroma, with honey and dark chocolate notes. In mouth is honeyed and complex, tobacco and leathers notes, roasted, smoked. This is a rounded rum, it has the perfect balance that only the age-old Solera mothod can provide. Firm bodied, yet delicate, elegant and velvety. It evokes the...

    29,95 €
  • ron-dos-maderas-px

    Dos Maderas PX rum. The final stage of ageing in casks which have previously aged a Pedro Ximenez sherry such as "Don Guido" gives Dos Maderas PX rum a very dark amber colour and delicate hints of raisins, fig and vanilla which make it very appealing.

    31,27 €
  • ron-diplomatico-reserva

    Diplomático Reserve 8 years rum is rich and full, with golden syrup, Demerara and a hint of treacle. This 8 years old rum, product of the Batch distillation process, has reassuringly weighty oak in the background - polished mahogany notes. Hints of cinnamon, over-ripe oranges or orange liqueur and bitter dark chocolate.

    22,08 €

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