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  • kit-regalo-gintonic

    Gin&tonic Kit. A gift kit containing everything you need for a perfect gin&tonic, comprising: - 2 Balloon cups - 1 bartender spoon - 1 cocktail strainer - 1 jigger 20/40ml - 2 miniatures premium gin

    32,94 €
  • campari-bitter

    Campari is the result of the infusion of herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water; these last two being the recipe‟s only known ingredients. Used as the basis of many cocktails served worldwide

    12,50 €
  • monin-azucar

    MONIN Pure Cane Sugar syrup allows bartenders and baristi to make consistent drinks from a simple iced tea to a highly sophisticated cocktail.

    8,38 €
  • maletin-cocteleria

    Cocktail bag is formed by a set of indispensable tools for the preparation of cocktails: 1 Boston shaker, 1 teaspoon, 1 Professional jigger, 1 muddler, 1 strainer. All utensils are high quality and come in a collapsible bag for easy transport.

    69,24 €
  • pourer-50ml

    Pourer 50ml lets you serve beverages with an homogeneous jet of your favorite spirit. A jigger alternative to dose at eye with accuracy and gaining speed and professionalism in service. Consult on the extended description the method of use.

    9,90 €
  • agua-de-buda

    The Buda Water diffuser created by Williams & Humbert, is ideal to combine with the gins of the same brand: Botanic Premium and Botanic Ultrapremium. This "spray" is obtained by maceration of the skin of this particular citrus, which is derived essential oils to get the final product.

    15,95 €
  • vaso-medidor-35-50

    Jigger 35/50ml. 35ml on one side and 50ml on the other. Great for getting precise measurements. Constructed of stainless steel for a nice weight, brushed finish.Jiggers are arguably the most essential tool on the bar. At Cocktail Kingdom we have gone to great lengths to ensure our jiggers accurate and consistent so that your drinks can be the same.

    10,95 € 11,95 € -1,00 €
  • bitter-angostura-orange

    Angostura Orange bitters is designed to complement a lot of variety of cocktails. It's made by a mixture of herbs, spices, citrus essence oil and bark of two varieties of orange, to develop a bitter with a harmonious balance beetween orange and sweet orange to provide an intense flavor.

    10,95 €
  • licor-esperit-de-june

    Esperit de June liqueur is crafted from the vine-flowers of Ugni Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and other grape varietals. These delicate flowers only blossom for a few days in June, and must be harvested by hand as soon as they emerge.

    34,90 €
  • licor-saint-germain

    Saint Germain is a fine artisanal French liqueur. All natural, made from 100% fresh, handpicked elderflowers. Subtle yet complex flavor. Low sugar content, roughly half that of other liqueurs. Easily pairs with a variety of spirits in many cocktails. Elegant French-inspired bottle to adorn your back bar

    32,45 €
  • vaso-medidor-cocteleria

    Stainless steel Jigger 20/40ml. Ideal for measuring in a fast and effective volume liquors and juices in the preparation of cocktails. Jigger with two measures: 20 and 40ml.

    6,55 €
  • monin-fresa

    MONIN Strawberry syrup is an easy to mix syrup which allows you to create many applications. It fits perfectly with MONIN Frosted Mint or Mojito Mint flavour. Try a Strawberry Mojito and you’ll be amazed by the balance of both flavours.

    9,92 €
  • cucharilla-trenzada

    A stainless steel muddler spoon braided. 27cm long and ideal for use in the preparation of cocktails and gin&tonic.

    4,95 €
  • coctelera-americana-boston

    Boston Shaker shine silver steel with crystal glass 450ml incl. A professional shaker to make your cocktails and mixed drinks.

    11,95 €
  • colador-italiano

    Standard Strainer. Stainless steel strainer for liquids specially designed for use in cocktails.

    7,95 €
  • ysabel-regina

    Ysabel Regina is a blend of the finest brandies and cognacs aged in “moist” Pedro Ximenez casks; the perfect start for a noble spirit. This pedigree cross-breeding is at the heart of Ysabel Regina, adding to our enjoyment of each cocktail which uses her as a base.

    38,94 €
  • vodka-hipnotiq

    Hipnotiq Original liqueur is a a refreshing blend of premium French Vodka, Exotic Fruit Juices, and a Touch of Cognac. HPNOTIQ delights all your senses. Its eye-catching aqua blue color and refreshing blend of natural exotic fruit juices and premium spirits make any occasion more fabulous.

    30,95 €
  • licor-monin-blue-curaçao

    Monin Blue Curaçao is a liqueur witha a intense colour that remains blue in cocktails. A deep blue colour used in many applications. It gives an intense blue which always amazes your guests. Try to combine it with MONIN Passion Fruit syrup and a drop of lime juice in an extra chilled vodka martini.

    14,35 €
  • jigger-japan-25-50ml

    Jigger luxury 25-50ml. Constructed of 18/8 stainless steel for a nice weight, brushed finish. Jiggers are arguably the most essential tool on the bar.

    7,95 €
  • licor-monin-triple-sec

    Monin Triple Sec, is a liquour clear and transparent that nose of fine curaçao orange with citrus fruit and grapefruit skin. Taste of bitter orange with tangerine notes   There are so many uses of MONIN Triple Sec Curaçao liqueur ! The most known is called Margarita : try it shaken or blended and you'll always be amazed by the orange after note.

    14,95 €
  • molde-hielo-esferico

    Spherical ice mold. With this mold you'll make more sophisticated your gin and tonic or cocktail. The mold creates three spheres of ice of 6 inches in diameter.

    8,50 €
  • rizador-citricos

    Buy citrus peeler to create curly strips of citrus. This is a very popular tool for create gin&tonic and cocktails and serving your time to decorate our glasses with beautiful curls of limes, lemons or oranges peels.

    13,95 €
  • vermut-lillet-blanc

    Lillet White, is a French aperitif wine. It is a blend of 85% Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle for the Blanc and 15% macerated liqueurs, mostly citrus liqueurs from the peels of sweet oranges from Spain and Morocco and the peels of bitter green oranges from Haiti.

    14,20 €
  • licor-monin-fresa

    Monin Strawberry liqueur have a deep carmine red with orange glint color. Pure and on the rocks, is one of the most enjoyable sensation, but why not combining it with fresh banana, and a scoop of ice cream in a blender ? You'll obtain an unique after dinner smoothie.

    14,35 €

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