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  • ginebra-bluecoat-reserve

    Bluecoat Barrel Reserve Gin, produced by aging Bluecoat American Dry Gin in new American oak barrels for a minimum of three months providing a unique, well rounded and complex spirit. The finishing process utilizes charred American Oak barrels to round and soften the gin, introducing hints of caramel, vanilla and toffee without sacrificing juniper or...

    41,90 €
  • drop-moon-violeta

    Drop Moon Violet, a spray to scent your gin&tonic or cocktail. Apply 2 doses on your cocktail cup at a distance of 15 feet. Drop Moon Red Fruits have natural substances and add to your cocktail a violet flavours and aroma.

    8,10 €
  • ginebra-xellent

    Xellent gin, is a Swiss gin made from the base of vodka Xellent and 25 spices and flowers macerated for several hours in the vodka, including lemon balm grass, juniper, Woodruff, lavender and Edelweiss. A gin with a unique flavor that will please fans of high purity.

    44,99 €
  • ginebra-akori

    Akori Gin is characterized by being made from a selection of Japanese-inspired ingredients. Its flavor contains notes of juniper and exotic touches of dragon fruit and kumquat, providing a subtle citrus details with a soft end of ginger

    22,95 €
  • 5th-black-air

    5th Black Air is a London Dry gin with classical flavors and aromas of juniper. It is a dry gin and the basis of the rest brand varieties: 5th Fire, Earth Citrics 5th and 5th Water Floral

    21,91 €
  • ginebra-ampersand

    Ampersand is a Spanish London Dry Gin made by 4 distillations in England and fresh supply of Spanish citrus fruits, in this case lemons and oranges peels peeled by hand and dried in the sun. Classic and citrus flavour

    18,95 €
  • rives-pink

    Rives Pink is a Spanish London Dry Gin made with the best strawberries from Huelva. It's a triple distilled artesanal gin with infused strawberries to give a very cool and pleasant sweet strawberry flavor. This distillate with pink colour is bottled with an alcohol content of 37.5%.

    16,84 €
  • cucharilla-bronze

    A professional stainless steel muddler spoon braided. Ideal for use in the preparation of cocktails and gin&tonic. Finished in a nice rose gold colour

    17,51 €
  • jigger-rose-gold

    Jigger Rose Gold 25-50ml. A professional stainless steel jigger finished with a nice matte rose gold color. Calculated with maximum precision the amount of liquid needed to develop your cocktails.

    15,95 €
  • jigger-gold

    Jigger Gold 25-50ml. A professional stainless steel jigger finished with a nice matte gold color. Calculated with maximum precision the amount of liquid needed to develop your cocktails.

    15,95 €
  • whisky-jura-21

    Isle of Jura 21 years whisky. Rich and full bodied with a touch of vintage 1963 Oloroso sherry with a impeccable finish of soft marzipan, ground walnuts, fresh pears and sour orange peel. With whispers of succulent maraschino cherries, plums and soft liquorice complete this memorable masterpiece.

    93,95 € 119,95 € -26,00 €
  • dewar-s-18-whisky

    Dewar's White Label 18 years Whisky, a rich and exceptional whisky. Uses only Scotland's finest 18 year old malt and grain whiskies to create a the full, smooth and creamy blend of Dewar's 18. Dewar's 18 years double aged has a long finish.

    79,95 € 89,95 € -10,00 €
  • whisky-ballantines-21

    Ballantine's 21 years old Whisky. Rich, complex and a sweet with aromatic spice. Ballantine's 21 years have a sparkling gold colour, floral nose and aromatic palate give it a delightful complexity. This sophisticated blend is a whisky to savour on special occasions.

    75,95 € 105,95 € -30,00 €
  • whisky-bowmore-18

    El Whisky Bowmore 18 años, apareció recientemente en el mercado en 2007 como sustitución al de 17 años. Es un whisky muy perfumado y afrutado con aromas a cítricos ligeramente picantes, fruta y toques de madera húmeda.

    64,95 € 69,95 € -5,00 €
  • tequila-excellia-reposado

    With its golden straw color, Excellia Reposado reveals a complex nose mixing honey, toasted wood, mushroom, dried lavender, jasmine and violet notes. The nine months ageing in grand cru sauternes wine casks and cognac barrels provide a round and extensive mouthfeel with rich honey, cigar-box, and caramelized-agave/pumkin notes mixed with subtle rancio and...

    37,65 € 42,65 € -5,00 €
  • ginebra-arctic-velvet

    Distilled five times, Arctic Velvet Gin is produced with the highest quality grain from controlled organic cultivation. This pure product is enriched with juniper berries and 24 other ingredients including coriander from North Africa, caraway seeds from Holland and nutmeg from India.

    35,50 € 37,50 € -2,00 €
  • ginebra-ginself-gin

    Ginself Gin it's a artisan gin with a batch production of 500 liters. In search of the ideal ingredients, the authors of Ginself drew upon, unsurprisingly, their Mediterranean origins, by choosing the tangerine, the orange blossom and the tigernut as essential elements that distinguish it, giving it the aroma and flavour that make it an exceptional gin.

    30,95 € 32,95 € -2,00 €
  • tequila-excellia-blanco

    Rested a few weeks in grand cru sauternes wine casks and cognac barrels, Excellia Blanco is clear with a faint of gold shade. The nose reveals cloves, tobacco and toast/brioche notes. On the palate, Excellia Blanco is complex with a mix of spices, vanilla, fruits and leather aromas.

    30,95 € 35,95 € -5,00 €
  • ginebra-the-botanicals-gin

    The Botanical's gin, which is made at Langley Distillery and contains 14 botanicals. It is bottled at 42.5% ABV. The gin is very fruity, with sweet orange, vanilla and a touch of anise. Very smooth and quite unusual, but rather nice.

    29,25 € 31,95 € -2,70 €
  • tonica-fever-tree-24u

    Fever Tree Indian tonic water, pack of 24 units. By blending fabulous botanical oils with spring water and the highest quality quinine from the fever tree, have created a delicious, natural tonic with a uniquely clean and refreshing taste and aroma.

    28,45 € 29,95 € -1,50 €

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