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  • monin-kiwi

    MONIN Kiwi syrup. Nose of ripe kiwi, juicy and refreshing kiwi taste. No other fruit offers a more intense emerald green colour than kiwi. Its flesh is almost creamy in consistency with an invigorating taste reminiscent of strawberries, melons and bananas, yet with its own unique sweet, slightly tart flavour.

    10,30 €
  • monin-regaliz

    MONIN Licorice syrup. authentic flavor of sweet licorice, sweet, soft and slightly minty. Reminiscent of the typical black sweet licorice. in diabolo, glossy shot or ice, there is no time to feast! Discover the true flavor of the sweet, sweet, sweet and slightly minty

    9,95 €
  • gin-thomas-dakin

    Thomas Dakin Manchester Gin, made with 11 botanicals including juniper, orange peel, coriander, angelica, pepper cubeb and liquorice, as well as "a touch of red cole. In the mouth juniper merges with the red cole in a heady mixture that continues with hints of sweet orange and grapefruit with classic flavors. The final is tasty and spicy thanks to cubeba.

    44,90 €
  • gin-vording-s

    Vording's Gin, While being a rich blend of the purest botanicals, Vørding’s Gin has four key ingredients to give it that sophisticated taste; orange, juniper, cinnamon and toasted red cedar wood. All ingredients are carefully selected and the cedar wood is chopped and toasted by hand to release the aromatic oils. 

    38,90 €
  • gin-bitter-truth-pink

    Bitter Truth Pink Gin, a delicious blend of traditionally crafted gin and aromatic bitters. The nose of this flavoured gin is dominated by complex fruity and floral aromas. The taste is very smooth with distinctive flavors of juniper berries in the foreground surrounded by spicy flavors of licorice, caraway and fennel.

    41,90 €
  • gin-bobby-s

    Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin is an unique blend of Indonesian spice and traditional botanicals. Spicy and fragrant on the nose, a fresh burst of citrus and herbals at first sip and with a slight hum of pepper. Traditional Indonesian botanicals and spices give Bobby’s Gin its unique flavor profile. Bobby’s only uses organic ingredients to create its...

    37,90 €
  • gin-broken-heart

    Broken Heart Gin, made in New Zealand by two German friends. Traditional gin made from 11 botanicals including juniper, coriander, lemon, lavender, cinnamon and angelica. Aromas of juniper and citrus with fresh, clean and juniper flavours with hints of coriander and some orange citrus notes.

    48,27 €
  • gin-spring-mediterranee

    Spring Mediterranee Gin, made from a single set of Mediterranean botanicals, clear flavors and aromas reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Laurel aromas and flavor with hints of rosemary, thyme and Italian lemon. It is a dry gin with a very aromatic finish.

    63,19 €
  • gin-givinity

    Givinity London Dry Gin, handcrafted in the quintessential British countryside of Cambridgeshire. Using 9 mesmerising botanicals Givinity will charm and seduce its bearer like no other. Using only the finest and most luxurious ingredients from all four corners of the globe, Givinity is distilled in small artesian batches to ensure the care and attention...

    47,19 €
  • gin-colombo

    Colombo London Dry Gin, made by seven botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica, licorice, cinnamon Sri Lanka, curry leaves and ginger. The result is a well-balanced gin with evident juniper flavour and hints of spices. It's recommended to serve with lemon rind and beans of pink or black pepper, but also is a very versatile gin to combine with other...

    24,36 €
  • studer-gold-gin

    Studer Swiss Gold Gin is the perfect result of well-crafted recipes and the highest quality distillation methods. Distilled from junipers, lemongrass, lavender, coriander, ginger and with a few other secret ingredients. Enriched with precious gold flakes, our premium gin is enjoyed by connoisseurs worldwide.

    44,20 € 47,20 € -3,00 €
  • santamania-rva

    Santamanía Reserve London Dry Gin is a premium Spanish gin aged in French oak barrels characterized by its completely handmade and careful preparation, with no colorants, sweeteners or preservatives. A sophisticated gin and citrus shades, creamy notes and classic flavors of gin at first to lead to hints of licorice, white pepper and ginger

    42,21 € 46,90 € -10%
  • studer-classic-gin

    Studer Swiss Classic Gin. This Premium Gin is the perfect result of well-crafted recipes and the highest quality distillation methods. Produced according to a special distilling process using the purest Alpine water from our own spring, it is enjoyed by gin connoisseurs worldwide.

    39,38 € 41,38 € -2,00 €
  • tonica-1724

    Pack tónic water 1724 (24u. - 1,52€). The essence of 1724 Tonic Water has its origins in the Andes, on the mythical Inca Trail. This is not by chance. This is where quinine was discovered. There, this ingredient gains the authenticity of a product with roots in the region that go back hundreds of years. At 1724 metres above sea level. Not a metre above or...

    34,56 € 36,48 € -1,92 €
  • santamania-gin

    Santamanía London Dry Gin is a premium Spanish gin made by a traditional process with elements such grapes, citrus, raspberry of Jerte Valley, Ceylon cinnamon, Bulgarian coriander and Macedonian juniper. The result is a sophisticated gin, cool and creamy flavor with floral notes, citrus and a slightly sweet entry.

    33,08 € 36,75 € -10%
  • gin-elephant

    Elephant Gin is distilled using fourteen botanicals, including rare African ingredients sourced from the length and breadth of the continent to create the gin's distinctive flavour profile. These include the savannah's "superfruit" Baobab, the extraordinary Buchu plant with a flavour similar to blackcurrant, and the African Wormwood introducing a sharp...

    31,21 € 33,21 € -2,00 €
  • gin-d-azahar

    D'Azahar is a premium gin made in Andalucia and is charachterized for his orange colour and the strange botanical ingredients like kiwi, mango or passion fruit. The flavor is elegant with a predominantly citrus and tropical flavors with a bitter and dry finish.

    28,30 € 31,30 € -3,00 €
  • ginebra-london-1

    The London nº1 Gin is a premium gin manufactured, distilled and bottled in England. The refined blend of 12 botanicals makes it unique and perfect for the best Gin & Tonic.

    27,56 € 29,56 € -2,00 €
  • gin-blanc-salicornia

    Gin Blanc Salicornia, a premium gin made by triple distillation, which highlights one of its ingredients, samphire (known as sea asparagus). This ingredient gives it an unique aroma and flavor and with her citrus and classic ingredients, make a very unique and exclusive gin.

    26,50 € 28,50 € -2,00 €
  • lady-blanc-gin

    Lady Blanc Gin, a premium purple distillate produced by Blanc Gastronomy of Puerto Real. This is a gin produced from 14 botanicals like Huelva Strawberries, wild blackberries or purple berries Bacca. These botanicals provide an aroma and flavor with fruity accents marked and strawberries notes.

    25,50 € 26,50 € -1,00 €

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